World Professional Billiard League Launches Season

World Professional Billiard League Launches Season

LAS VEGAS (May 22, 2013)

wpbltv World Professional Billiard League Launches Season

he World Professional Billiard League will launch the inaugural 2013 season Thursday May 30th at 6pm PT and will feature the new cue sport of Bonus Ball.

The World Professional Billiard League will launch the inaugural 2013 season Thursday May 30th at 6pm PT and will feature the new cue sport of Bonus Ball. This will be the first time in the history of billiards that professional pool players will compete in a league format. The entire season will be played at the new 13,000 sq. ft. WPBL Arena in Las Vegas, where the world’s top players will compete over the course of 26 weeks to become the first ever WPBL Champions.

The WPBL will feature the game of Bonus Ball which has been in development for almost 20 years, mainly in Winnipeg, Canada. It was conceived primarily by businessman and billiards aficionado, WPBL President Larry Chiborak. Bonus Ball was conceptualized because of the growing need to create a cue sport that requires a higher skill level and increased shot difficulty. It was designed to have mass market appeal while being modern, innovative, exciting to watch and fun to play. The game uses components of other great sports, such as scoring points and the use of a shot clock while extracting the best elements of existing billiard games, including One Pocket, Snooker and Straight Pool.

Competing in two conferences, each of the 12 teams will consist of three players and two alternates representing various markets throughout North America. Amongst the 60 players contracted to play, there are four hall of fame players. Included on the roster are: Johnny Archer, Earl Strickland, Ralf Souquet, Francisco Bustamante, Mika Immonen, Thorsten Hohmann, Rodney Morris, Darren Appleton, WPBA pro Jennifer Barretta, and teen sensation Billy Thorpe. Because the scope of cue sports span throughout the globe, the WPBL has attracted players from nine countries and four continents to play in this historic league.

The WPBL Arena sits just south of McCarran Airport at 6745 Surrey St. Las Vegas, NV. The design includes intimate theatre seating for 100 spectators making fans feel like they are part of the action, state of the art broadcast equipment, a private VIP section, glass rooms for commentators and production staff, practice and private team rooms for the players, a bar featuring beer and wine service, as well a WPBL gift shop. The arena will also be available for corporate events and private parties featuring meeting space with AV/recording/broadcast capabilities.

The construction of the WPBL Arena is the first ever of its kind to be built specifically for the sport of billiards. Las Vegas, Nevada was chosen as home to the WPBL because it is the entertainment capital of the world providing the opportunity for international exposure and accessibility to both players and fans alike. WPBL President Larry Chiborak said “We relish the opportunity to showcase our sport and venue to the world from Las Vegas, and look forward to the future growth of the league”.

All twelve of the WPBL teams will participate in the opening week, giving the league the opportunity to showcase its diverse roster of international players. The opening match of the season will pit the New York Pride against the Atlanta Scorpions, where Hall of Fame players Johnny Archer and Earl Strickland with settle their recent rivalry on the table.

Each of the 156 matches will be broadcast live at The first match of each week, broadcast every Thursday at 6PM PT, will be aired FREE. All other matches will be broadcast live in Pay-Per-View. Packages are available starting as low as $1.25 per match.

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