PA State One Pocket and 9-Ball Announced

March 5, 2013

Breakers Billiard Lounge is pleased to announce the PA State 9-Ball and One Pocket Championships, a $3,000 added 9-ball event and a $500 added one pocket event. Interested players are invited to enter the events in advance or contact Breakers Billiard Lounge.

pa state shot PA State One Pocket and 9 Ball Announced

The live stream will start at 11am on Thursday, March 15, 2012 and end on Sunday, March 18, 2012.

This tournament was started in 1990 by Tom Monoski in Montoursville, PA, and was moved to Lucky Break Billiards in Indiana, PA, where it was hosted by Gary Nolan and Ernie Lorelli. It was discontinued, but Breakers Billiards and Lounge owner Paul Mottey is rejuvenating this great tournament using the same format, entry, and green fees, and he will be adding $3,000 to the prize fund based on a full field limited to 64 players.

“This has always been a great tournament with big payouts for the players, and I am proud to keep the tradition going,” said Paul Mottey.

“We’re extremely happy to be involved in the PA State Championships. It’s great to feel that we had a part in bringing back such a great event,” said J.R. Calvert of Inside POOL.

Owners Paul Mottey and James White completely remodeled Breaker’s after taking over in September, 2003. The new owners closed the room and began the expensive task of changing the interior and the atmosphere.

After many weeks of hard work they reopened the new Breaker’s – a classy room with great equipment. Their next goal was to add a lounge. After over a year and a half of planning, drawings, and meetings with borough officials, approval was granted to acquire a liquor license. More money to be spent and more remodeling had to be done. Finally, with the addition of the lounge in the spring of 2007, they have competed their goal of establishing a truly upscale billiard room for all to enjoy.

Together with a full bar and food, Breaker’s has 8 Diamond Professional tables, 6 Gold Crowns and 1 Diamond bar table and in 2010 added a European style Carom Billiards Table with heated slates and Rapide 300 cloth.

Breaker’s Lounge Pool Hall
1413 Potomac Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

About Paul Mottey and Breakers Billiard Louunge

In the 1970s and ‘80s Paul was considered to be one of the top amateurs on the East Coast, winning many tournaments and cash games. In 1983 he decided to start making custom cues. During the 25 years he was in business, Paul earned the reputation as being one of the top cue makers in the world. Mottey Cues are still among the most sought-after cues by players and collectors. Paul and his partner James White took over Breakers Billiards in September 2003 and completely remodeled it to become one of the nicest rooms in Pennsylvania. Spring of 2007 saw the addition of a lounge with a full bar and good food. Paul retired from the cue business in 2008 and with his wife, Grace, took over sole ownership of Breakers Billiards and Lounge. They host many local tournaments and are tireless promoters of the sport of billiards.

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