Lone Star Billiards Tour Crowns Championship Winners

December 13, 2011

Lone Star Billiards Tour Crowns Championship Winners
Lone Star Billiards Tour / Houston, TX

by InsidePOOL Staff

The Lone Star Billiards Tour held its annual championship event December 10-11 at Bogies Billiards in Houston, TX, and crowned five winners. The five-division 9-ball event boasted a $2,000-added purse and was live-streamed for all the fans unable to attend. The amateur and open divisions saw 77 entries, with the one-pocket, ladies’, and juniors’ divisions totaling 28 entries.

Open action saw upsets that included junior phenom Joey Torres over Lanny Herrin and twice over Ernesto Bayaua. Tommy Tokoph fell to Bayaua in the second round 9-6 but came back with five straight wins over Bill Fuller, Sonny Bosshamer, Kenneth Price, Sylver Ochoa, and Herrin until he met a vengeful Bayaua. The hot seat match featured Torres and the indomitable James Baraks, who had earlier eliminated Tim Heath, Ochoa, and Bernard Walker during his trek. Torres lost the set when he missed a crucial 9 ball at 8-7. After Torres passed Bayaua 7-6, Baraks made quick work of Torres in the final, settling the question 9-4 and taking his second consecutive open division title win.

Brand new to the winners’ circle and the talk of the tournament was Kenneth Price. He conquered the amateur field undefeated with wins over Allen Baker 7-4, Tim Heath 7-3, and Ty Few 7-1. Will Felder was on roll of his own with wins over Bobby Perez 7-6, Charlie Mora 7-6, and Mitchell Lang 7-6. It was Price versus Felder for the hot seat match with Price moving forward 7-4. This loss earned Felder another round with Mora, but this time Mora took it down 5-2. Grady Cooper and Brian Rosenbaum made incredible bids after losing in the first round. Cooper fell to Bill Fuller after four consecutive wins, while Rosenbaum secured five straight wins before falling to Heath5-4. When the smoke cleared on the one-loss side, it was Mora who eliminated Heath 5-4 and earned himself a rematch with Felder. This time Mora took down Felder 5-2 but was brought down by Price in the final 7-5.

IMG 1728 Lone Star Billiards Tour Crowns Championship Winners

Joey Torres, James Baraks

Sylver Ochoa and Courtney Peters were crowned 2011 Lone Star Tour champions, accumulating the most points for their ranking divisions. Peters also captured a final victory in the ladies’ division, while Ochoa captured the final one-pocket event, both undefeated. For their year-long efforts they each received plaques, Delta-13 Elite racks, and Poison VX jump cues.

In the juniors’ division, Nick Calderaro captured his second Lone Star Tour event, this time from the one-loss side. He bested the undefeated Joey Torres 7-5 and then 5-1 to win the final juniors’ event of 2011.

IMG 1719 Lone Star Billiards Tour Crowns Championship Winners

Mike Calderaro, Nick Calderaro, Joey Torres

Open Results:
1st James Baraks $550
2nd Joey Torres $370
3rd Ernesto Bayaua $250
4th Tommy Tokoph $160
5th Lanny Herrin $100
Tim Heath
7th Sylver Ochoa $35
Bobby Perez

Amateur Results:
1st Kenneth Price $600
2nd Charlie Mora $475
3rd Will Felder $290
4th Tim Heath $125
5th Ty Few $75
Mitchell Lang
7th Jason Pearce $50
Brian Rosenbaum
9th Jason Smiser $25
Bill Fuller
Jeff Fox
Joey Torres

IMG 1720 Lone Star Billiards Tour Crowns Championship Winners

Sylver Ochoa, Courtney Peters

Ladies’ Results:
1st Courtney Peters $200
2nd Belinda Lee $90
3rd Loretta Lindgren $90

One-Pocket Results:
1st Sylver Ochoa $300
2nd Charlie Mora $180
3rd Ernesto Bayaua $100

Juniors’ Results:
1st Nick Calderaro $90
2nd Joey Torres $60
3rd Mike Calderaro $40

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