Billiards Superstars Promotions Ready to Launch

January 6, 2012

Billiards Superstars Promotions™ Gathers Greatest Pool and Billiards Champions

Billiards Superstars Promotions™ Ready to Launch

LAS VEGAS, DECEMBER 2 – Renowned pool trick shot Champion, Stefano Pelinga, has just announced the start of a new organization to further promote pool. Stefano and his friend, John Roarty, have worked for almost two years to accomplish their ambitious project. Now, they are very excited to introduce this magnetic concept entitled Billiards Superstars Promotions™ (BSP) to the billiard and corporate world.

Ewa Laurance Billiards Superstars Promotions Ready to Launch

Laurance, Pelinga, Rosman, Massey, Gerni, and Fisher have teamed up to create Billiards Superstars Promotions.

BSP has gathered some of the most talented, popular and accomplished billiard champions in the world. Their titles and experience are endless. All of them have been entertaining us for over a decade through the prestigious ESPN cameras and a host of worldwide media sources. BSP’s goal is to export their talent outside the industry in an attempt to gain the same credibility, respect and financial backing that major sports have grown accustomed to for years.

Stefano knows that billiards (the umbrella name for all cue sports) is one of the most played sports in the world, and has the potential of becoming even more popular. In this regard he, along with some of the sport’s finest representatives (players, manufacturers, organizers, etc.), is very hopeful for a new future and win-win situation for all concerned.

Stefano Pelinga Billiards Superstars Promotions Ready to Launch

With this new organization, Stefano is extremely honored to represent some of his long-time friends and fellow champions who, above all, are recognized as the most highly-skilled and classiest pool entertainers in the world. The list of world-renowned professionals includes Allison Fisher™, Ewa Laurance, Mike Massey, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman and Paul Gerni. Each has joined Stefano and BSP and will offer their unrivaled talent and paramount entertaining skills to any public and/or private event. One of the primary mission points of Billiards Superstars Promotions™ is to target different demographics and make this popular sport more appealing and respected at the next level and beyond.
For more information please visit Billiards Superstars web site.

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