14.1 Challenge and Fatboy Challenge Finals Set at Derby City Classic

January 28, 2012

Pagulayan and Souquet to Meet in 14.1 Finals

Moore and Bustamante Square off in Fatboy

Action in the 14.1 Challenge and the Fatboy Challenge at the Derby City Classic continued at the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, IN. The Derby City Classic event attracts the top pool players from around the world with the 14.1 Challenge and Fatboy Challenge giving these players a chance to display their skills in disciplines that are not included in the main event.

In Friday’s action in the 14.1 Challenge, Darren Appleton squared off against Niels Fiejen in a first round. The back and forth battle saw some safe exchanges that resulted in Fiejen taking a three foul penalty to fend off the surge of a trailing Appleton. Niels made it to 122 balls until missing, giving Appleton the green light to run out 64 balls to win, 125-122. The next match featured Ralf Souquet against Darren Appleton. This match was a classic, knock-down, drag-out, fight-for-every-shot match. However, this time fortune did not shine on Appleton so well as Souquet posted a monster run to finish off Appleton. The finals for the 14.1 Challenge will feature Ralf Souquet vs Alex Pagulayan and should kickoff early afternoon on Saturday.

alex pagulayan barbox 14.1 Challenge and Fatboy Challenge Finals Set at Derby City Classic

Pagulayan advanced to the finals of the 14.1 Challenge but fell short of advancing to the Fatboy Challenge finals after a strong comeback by Moore.

In the FatBoy Challenge action, Stevie Moore trailed Alex Pagulayan 11-5, and went on to win 10 of the next 11 games to defeat Pagulayan, 15-12. The other semifinals match was more lopsided as Francisco Bustamante bested 2012 Derby City Classic Bank Division champion John Morra, 15-5. The finals of the Fatboy Challenge will feature Francisco Bustamante vs Stevie Moore and should kick off late Saturday.

More action on the FREE live stream table will continue on Saturday at InsidePOOL.tv

The 14.1 Challenge enjoyed an $8,500 added purse that pays out $300 for the daily high run, $200 for second place daily and $100 for third place daily. The prize breakdown for the main event of the 14.1 Challenge are as follows:

1st – $2,600
2nd – $1,900
3rd-4th – $1,200
5th-8th – $700

Sponsors for the 14.1 Challenge include Diamond Billiard Products, Bob Jewett, Stu Mattana, Rich Klein, Jeff Mohl and Simonis Cloth. Patrons include James & Sons Jewelers, Arnold Kupec, Angel Levine, 14and1.com, America’s Straight Pool League, Stan Haines, Ted Antle, James Franklin, Larry Moy, Jay Helfert and Phil Capelle.

The free live stream is being broadcast by Inside POOL TV in HD at 1-year subscription to the online version of Inside POOL Magazine.

Sponsors that make the free live stream of the 14th Annual Derby City Classic include Diamond Billiard Products, Kamui Tips, Fury Cues, The bankshot Calculator, Hammerhead Hustling Clothing, Sharks web series, Pool Player Excuses billiard towel, Definitive Synergy billiards management software and Tom Simpson’s National Billiard Academy.

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